PCB DESIGN services for Embedded Systems: up to 16 layers, complete generation of all gerber files for PCB production and all fabriacation files for system assembly and test. EMC, SI, DFx integration on all design levels for rigid, flex, rigid-flex PCBs.

PCB Fast Prototypingfor up to 4 layers PCB's: 0.2mm minimum clearance, 0.2mm minimum track width, soldermask and silkscreen, through-hole plating and contour routing/milling.

HW Design for Embedded Systems: complete design services based on custormer requirements, BOM/AVL approval.

SW Design for Embedded Systems: complete software design for real-time constraints.

Test Integration services: test services for HIL/SIL technologies, automation, metrology, test campaign management for type approval.

FS services: modelling, simulation, patent control and proof-of-concept design services for Embedded Systems.